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The most common puzzles in the game are the pillar puzzles, the dragon claw puzzles and lever puzzles.

Pillar puzzles[]

Pillar puzzles usually consist of three or more rotating three-sided pillars with different animal glyphs on each side and a lever or pull chain, although sometimes pressure plates are involved. There is usually a clue nearby, either in the form of stone tables with matching glyphs or sometimes books which mention the specific animals in the glyphs. If the clues are matching stone tablets, these are usually located near the corresponding pillar.

The pillars must be rotated (using the Activate key) until the correct glyph is facing out on each of the pillars. Then the lever or pull chain is activated. Typically these open locked doors or grates.

Hawk glyph pillar Snake glyph pillar Whale glyph pillar

Dragon claw puzzles[]

Dragon claw puzzles are easier to solve as they involve a dragon claw on which there are three animal glyphs shown in a particular order. These claws are used to open large stone doorways which have 4 concentric rings. The outer three each rotate to select one of three animal glyphs each and must be matched with those on the dragon claw. The innermost circle is the "keyhole" into which the dragon claw is inserted once the outer three rings have been rotated to show the appropriate glyphs at the top. Bear glyph Dragon glyph Hawk glyph
Fox glyph Moth glyph Owl glyph
Snake glyph Whale glyph Wolf glyph

Lever puzzles[]

Level puzzles typically consist of at least two, but usually three or four levers which must be activated in a specific order. Like the pillar and dragon claw puzzles, they usually open a locked door or grate, sometimes revealing hidden doors. On occasion, timing is critical. Lever Lever Lever