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Raldbthar is a Dwemer Ruin located north-east of the city of Whiterun, roughly halfway between Shearpoint and Uttering Hills Cave. It is one of the ruins through which Blackreach can be accessed. It is also where Alain Dufont can be found.

Inside are Dwarven Spiders, Spheres, bandits, Falmer, and Chaurus.


Raldbthar Deep Market[]


Items of Note[]

Deep Market:

Special Locations[]

  • Before taking the elevator down to the Deep Market, shoot the ceiling web for a dessicated corpse and a potion.
  • In a Dwemer room with angled pipes, pass below a grated ceiling to find a mirrored room with more angled piping. It is possible to get up to the grated floor, jumping up one of the pipes and then using Whirlwind Sprint: a Scroll of Fire Storm may be in Chest ~840 Gold.png value (L42).
  • In the large chamber where the Dwarven Centurion is encountered, there is a three-tiered shelf, containing a few Dwemer bowls and pans. To get at them, jump onto the golden "head" nearby, then jump towards the shelf. It should be possible to stand on the second tier edge of the shelf to then collect the items.