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Rebuilding the Blades
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Alduin's Wall
Quest Giver
Sky Haven Temple
Followed by
Dragon Hunting
Quest Objectives


The Blades have been decimated by their epic struggle with the Thalmor, which has been ongoing throughout the present age. Once numerous throughout the Empire of Tamriel, their agents have been hunted relentlessly by the Thalmor and their spies, and now only two remain: Delphine and Esbern.

Long struggling to keep the legacy of the organization alive while constantly evading the ruthless Thalmor, Delphine seizes opportunity to regain the future for the Blades when she realizes the Greybeards have summoned a Dragonborn to High Hrothgar. She learns of an artefact the Dragonborn will likely recover on their behalf, the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, and acquires it first. She thus lures the Dragonborn to her headquarters in Riverwood in order to make an allegiance.

Once the Dragonborn helps the remaining Blades find Alduin's Wall, they request help rebuilding the organization. The Dragonborn can recruit and then bring along followers, up to three, to join the Blades at their new stronghold, where they are sworn in by Delphine. Then, they are issued the traditional Akaviri armor and weaponry, and as long as the Dragonborn remains in good standing with the Blades, will assist in hunting dragons as instructed by Esbern.

Bring three followers to Delphine[]

See the list of potential recruits.

Ask Esbern about dragon lairs[]

Ask Esbern about dragon lairs and lead your team to do battle.