Red Eagle Redoubt

Red Eagle Redoubt

Red Eagle Redoubt is a small cave located east of Markarth and north-east of Karthspire Camp. It is inhabited by Forsworn.


Red Eagle Ascent

Red Eagle Ascent is a small cave passage which leads from the lower to the upper Red Eagle Redoubt towards the Sundered Towers and is overrun with Forsworn. Features a chest of note under wooden walking planks yielding ~500 Gold.png value (L32), and there is also an Iron Ore Vein.

"Upper" Redoubt

A chest in the rocks above the ascent door yields ~100 Gold.png value. Among the Forsworn Forager tents there is a bed, many hay piles, an Alchemy Lab, an Anvil, a Forge, a Workbench, and a Wood Chopping Block. And in a tent Reality & Other Falsehoods can be found. One of the many Forsworn will probably drop a Forsworn Bow.


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