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Redbelly Mine

Smelter down the hill from the mine


Redbelly Mine is a very small, almost dry, ebony (three veins) mine located just on the edge of Shor's Stone. The name of the mine derives from the red mist which is slowly permeating the place. Just down the hill from the mine, in the village is a smelter.

Initially the mine is infested by Frostbite Spiders (5).

NPCs working the mine[]


Items of Note[]

  • Knapsack ~720 Gold.png value (L46).


  • Even though the thick red mist in the mine is mentioned several times, there is no such red mist.
  • And even though Grogmar gro-Burzag is able to sniff out iron ore in the mine, only Ebony Ore Veins can be found in it.