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Reluctant Steward
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Quest Giver
Neloth, or find Varona Nelas dead
Tel Mithryn
500 Gold.png
Staff Enchanter Key
Followed by
Telvanni Research
Quest Objectives


When first entering the Tel Mithryn settlement steward Varona Nelas will be telling off apprentice Talvas Fathryon for his summoning experiments.

After that she will disappear. Neloth will comment on this sending the Dragonborn out to find her. Alternately, if the Dragonborn leaves the settlement and then returns she may be found dead near her house. Both paths start the quest.

Find Varona[]

After finding the steward...

Tell Neloth that Varona is dead[]

... inform Neloth in his tower about her death. He will not be phased by this development, but will instruct you in what kind of a replacement for her he is looking for: mainly someone intelligent, yet obedient, who can properly make tea. Neloth directs the Dragonborn to go look around in Raven Rock.

Find a new steward[]

The Dragonborn can ask just about every inhabitant in Raven Rock about the steward job, though most of them will decline:

Some of the other townsfolk are more helpful:

When the Dragonborn mentions the job opportunity with the wizard, Drovas Relvi can hardly contain his joy, and immediately sets off (runs actually) to his new employer.

Report back to Neloth[]

Return to Tel Mithryn and tell Neloth the good news. He will reward the Dragonborn with 500 Gold.png and the Staff Enchanter Key. The latter not only lets the Dragonborn enchant blank staves from now on via Staff Enchanter, but also read the Black Book: The Hidden Twilight.