Restoration Ritual Spell

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College of Winterhold
Restoration Ritual Spell
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Reach 90 skill points in Restoration
Good Intentions
Quest Giver
Colette Marence
The Midden
Bane of the Undead
Quest Objectives

You have mastered Restoration spells, what is next?

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once you have reached 90 skill points in Restoration, a new conversation option is revealed when speaking with Colette Marence. If you ask her

"What else is there to be learned about Restoration magic?",

she will tell you to speak with the Augur of Dunlain in The Midden Dark.

Gain the Augur's approval[edit | edit source]

The Augur will then summon three ghosts to attack you, and the object of the test is to stay alive, by only using Restoration spells. Using the Steadfast Ward and Fast Healing should let the Dragonborn survive the three minutes of the test's duration.

Tip: Should the Dragonborn be with a follower, the test becomes almost trivially easy, just watch as the ghosts attack the follower and wait out the three minutes. The follower might need to be tough though.

After passing the test the Dragonborn will have learned the spell Bane of the Undead from Augur of Dunlain.