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Retaking Thirsk
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Quest Giver
Bujold the Unworthy
Bujold's Retreat, Thirsk Mead Hall, Hrothmund's Barrow
Quest Objectives


Exploring the eastern coast of Solstheim the Dragonborn will stumble into a small camp of proude Nord who recently lost their beloved Thirsk Mead Hall to a band of quite well-organized Rieklings.

Bujold the Unworthy explains that he group needs someone battle-hardened and competent to help take on the numerous Rieklings and retake the Thirsk Mead Hall.

Note: At this point the Dragonborn need not immediately join the assault. If playing as many quests as possible is preferred, then certainly hold off. And first play Bring Elmus some Ashfire Mead from Thirsk Mead Hall, and also talk to the chief of the Rieklings at the Thirsk Mead Hall. To only then decide how to proceed.

Also note: Siding with the Nords instead of with the Rieklings will yield quite a few more quests after the confrontation.

Join the assault on Thirsk Mead Hall[]

Tell Bujold the Unworthy you are ready to join the assault.

Approach Thirsk Mead Hall[]

Everyone in Bujold's Retreat will join up and head for the Thirsk Mead Hall.

Tip: Since the members of the group can die in this confrontation, potentially negating any follow-up quests, try to use powerful one-hit weapons to help their survival (e.g. use an enchanted bow with powerful arrows).

Speak to Bujold[]

After having taken out all 17 of the Rieklings talk to Bujold the Unworthy. She will mention that since she was at fault for temporarily having lost the Thirsk Mead Hall, now is the time to re-ask for the blessing from Hrothmund the Red to lead her group of Nords, requiring the Dragonborn as her witness.

Meet Bujold at Hrothmund's Barrow[]

Either follow her or quick travel to Hrothmund's Barrow to meet up with Bujold the Unworthy and then enter the barrow.

Commune with Hrothmund's Spirit[]

At the far end of the chamber the burial place of Hrothmund, who founded Thirsk is located. But as it turns out Hrothmund is less than thrilled by what happened with Thirsk Mead Hall and even though he once gave his blessing to Bujold's leadership of the clan, this time he sees no one worthy of that post.

It is then up to the Dragonborn to support Bujold in front of the rest of the clan, by not mentioning what Hrothmund decreed, or to stand with tradition and Hrothmund. In the latter case Bujold will attack. In the former case it is still possible to betray Bujold to Kuvar.

Defeat Bujold[]

Only occurs when the Dragonborn decides not to support Bujold claim to leadership of the clan.