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What is Roleplaying?[]

Roleplaying in the days of the old JRPG games was simply playing the game, you didn't really have a choice. In an open ended game like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion before it) There is much more diversity in the gameplay. Bethesda changed it by doing away with the class system for Skyrim and turning it slightly towards the action oriented, but it is still possible. It just requires some conscientious self control on the part of the gamer. There are two things to consider when doing a roleplaying run: authenticity and class continuity.

Disclaimer: These suggestions and character classes are designed to be curious, different and fun. They are not...not...NOT...designed to turn you into a Skyrim god who can run through dragons like nothing and swat draugr death overlords like an unruly child. That being said, roleplaying runs are about the experience, not the bragging rights and turning the difficulty down is certainly an option. Secondly I am writing this as a console player, therefore any and all suggestions will be for the unmodded game. Amendments will be made in the event of DLC.


This is simply making the gameplay experience as true to real life as possible. There was a collection of marvelously obsessive Oblivion gamers who set down guidelines for everything, not just basic human behaviour.

  • Eat regularly: that is, once or twice in a 24 hour period. Skyrim not only has a fair collection of tasty food, but the ability to cook your own meals. Some of it is less appetizing than others (somehow I don't think hallucinogenic goat's cheese is the solution to anyone's problems, but then cats did always eat strange things)
  • Drink regularly: This being a cold and dangerous land, there is usually some form of delicious fermented beverage around. Unfortunately this does not extend to coffee, tea or anything of that nature, so count on being an alcoholic after a few months of game time.
  • Sleep regularly: That means a bed roll, pile of hay, inn or a house. If it is getting dark out and you are miles away from civilization, most bandit lairs and wilderness shacks have a place to lay your head. It is entirely possible to play through a game without waiting once.
  • Use a horse: This was actually easier in Oblivion because the black horse had some decent speed and it made running up and down the map less onerous. There is only one type of horse in Skyrim, it is comparable to the white horse; slow but with decent HP.
  • Avoid fast travel: This one tends to annoy a lot of people simply because of the time and effort it takes to traverse Skyrim on foot. In Oblivion, so long as you stayed out of the mountains, all the cities were easily accessible. Skyrim's authentically rustic environment makes this more of a pain than usual. Use the carts to get from main hold to main hold.
  • Watch your encumbrance: You generally have to do this anyway, but realism demands you take it a step further. Looting a pile of ebony swords from some bandits is one thing, walking all the way back to town with them on your back is another. If you have a horse you can imagine it has a pack saddle. (lets hope the pack horse comes back as DLC)

Character Classes[]

Skyrim no longer has designated classes and chances are you are going to have a multitude of points in what would generally be described as off-class skills, however you can impose skill limits on yourself as part of a roleplaying run.

Alik'r Sworddancer[]

The idea behind this class is a flashy swordsman with the skill to talk his way out of things. The added armor perks are necessary because the Alikr Armor does not offer that much in the way of protection. Steel smithing is there in order to improve those Redguard blades. A full Elemental Fury shout turns you into an absolute beast in a fight, but will only work with unenchanted weapons. Unrelenting force is useful for when you need some breathing room.

Dog Soldier[]

  • Race: Bosmer (w/appropriate warpaint and hair...braids or mohawk)

A Dog Soldier was traditionally of the Cheyenne nation, a stealthy melee combat fighter with tomahawk and knife. Excellent at range with their bows and frequently using horses. Stealth is also useful when hunting for game around Skyrim. Because you are mostly in hide armor, you don't need Smithing; you can add Alchemy is you want to add a medicine man aspect to your character or Alteration for a shamanistic style of play (too bad Mysticism's no longer around)


This class has been the staple of D&D style games for decades. A righteous and pious warrior healer who traditionally used a mace and shield. The Steel Plate Armor is the accurate paladin type armor in the game so far. Paladins have also traditionally rode into battle, healed their allies and fought against the undead. Therefore Necromage will make your Turn Undead spells very effective. Paladins also usually have a patron god whom they prayed to daily and acted in their service, so frequent trips to the temple of your choice will factor in for this playthrough.