Ruunvald Excavation

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Entrance to the Ruunvald Excavation with small camp
Excavated caves
Ruunvald Temple with prisoner cage

Ruunvald Excavation

Ruunvald Excavation is a cave where Florentius Baenius is being held captive. The cave also contains some Malachite Ore.

A tent at the entrance to the site contains Volk's Journal.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Places[edit | edit source]

The excavation site is overrun with Charmed Vigilants (×12) and Huskys (×2). In the first cave on a box Discovering Ruunvald, Vol. I, and further in another cave Discovering Ruunvald, Vol. II can be found. Continue to find Discovering Ruunvald, Vol. III on a table, and just before exiting for the temple on a barrel find the final volume of Discovering Ruunvald, Vol. IV.

Ruunvald Temple[edit | edit source]

A copy of Minorne (book) can be found on the altar and Minorne herself carries the Ruunvald Key and the Staff of Ruunvald. It is here that Florentius Baenius is held captive in a cage.

Items of Note[edit | edit source]