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Search Mistwatch for Fjola
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Quest Giver
Fjola's Wedding Band
Quest Objectives


This quest begins when the Dragonborn meets Christer inside Mistwatch. The man explains that he is there looking for his wife, Fjola, whom he fears has been kidnapped by bandits. The Dragonborn can offer to help find the missing woman.

Search Mistwatch for Fjola[]

The Dragonborn can then begin searching the fortress, after having been given the Mistwatch Key, being careful of the resident bandits. Along the way, the body of a woman is found in a cell along with a note but nothing to identify her.

Eventually, the Dragonborn finds the Bandit Leader.

After some conversation, it is revealed that the leader of the bandits is in fact Fjola and that she has no intention of going back to her husband. She does, however, want to give him some sort of closure and so asks the Dragonborn to give him her wedding band as "proof" of her death.

Alternatively, the Dragonborn can kill Fjola and just take her ring.

Return to Christer[]

The next task is to convince Christer that his wife is dead (and depending on the earlier choice, she may well be). The news provides Christer with the closure he needs and he leaves to carry on with his own life and gives the Dragonborn his wife's ring as a reward. Alternately, the Dragonborn can mention the found ring, but lie about not having found Fjola, this may be more to the truth, but does not provide the closure for Christer, who continues to search for her.

Report back to Fjola[]

The Dragonborn can then let Fjola know that Christer is gone and that her secret is safe (if she was not killed earlier). No matter the previous choice (lied about finding Fjora or about her death), Fjola will repay her debt when she and the Dragonborn meet again.


  • Telling Christer about finding the ring, but not finding Fjola, should yield some promised coin. No coin is given though.