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Tiber Septim (2E854 - 3E38)[edit | edit source]

The most famous hero of Skyrim is Tiber Septim , who conquered all of Tamriel and founded the Septim dynasty of emperors. Tiber Septim brought peace to Tamriel in 2E 896, by conquering all of the known world. Thus began the Third Era.

Tiber Septim, according to religious doctrine that has since been banned by the Empire in accordance with the White-Gold Concordat signed with the Aldmeri Dominion at the end of the Great War, ascended into the heavens with the Divines and became a god, now known as Talos.

Pelagius Septim I (3E38 - 3E40)[edit | edit source]

Kintyra Septim (3E40 - 3E53)[edit | edit source]

Uriel Septim I (3E53 - 3E64)[edit | edit source]

Uriel Septim II (3E64 - 3E82)[edit | edit source]

Pelagius Septim II (3E82 - 3E98)[edit | edit source]

Antiochus Septim (3E99 - 3E120)[edit | edit source]

Kintyra Septim II (3E120 - 3E121)[edit | edit source]

Uriel Septim III (3E121 - 3E127)[edit | edit source]

Cephorus Septim I (3E127 - 3E140)[edit | edit source]

Magnus Septim (3E140 - 3E145)[edit | edit source]

Pelagius Septim III (3E145 - 3E153)[edit | edit source]

Pelagius III, also known as Pelagius the Mad, was Jarl of Solitude before ascending to the throne of the Emperor in 3E 145.

Katariah Ra'Athim (3E153 - 3E200)[edit | edit source]

Cassynder Septim (3E200 - 3E202)[edit | edit source]

Uriel Septim IV (3E202 - 3E246)[edit | edit source]

Cephorus Septim II (3E246 - 3E268)[edit | edit source]

Uriel Septim V (3E268 - 3E290)[edit | edit source]

Uriel Septim VI (3E290 - 3E317)[edit | edit source]

Uriel Septim VI was considered too young to rule alone when he first ascended to the throne, so until 3E307, his mother Thonica ruled as regent.

Morihatha Septim (3E317 - 3E339)[edit | edit source]

Pelagius Septim IV (3E339 - 3E368)[edit | edit source]

Uriel Septim VII (3E368 - 3E433)[edit | edit source]

In 3E 389 Emperor Uriel Septim VII was imprisoned by his Imperial Battlemage, Jagar Tharn, who then impersonated him for years.

Martin Septim (3E433 - 3E433)[edit | edit source]

Martin Septim was the illegitimate son of Uriel Septim VII and Gemile who was taken away by the Grand Master of the Blades while still an infant and raised without knowledge of his true parentage. He grew up to become a priest and had a ministry in the temple in Kvatch, in the Imperial Province of Cyrodiil. When the cult of the Mythic Dawn assassinated Uriel Septim VII and his legitimate heirs, Martin became the last remaining Septim and only then learned who his parents had been.

As emperor, he fought against the cult that had killed his family played a vital role in the Oblivion Crisis.

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