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Served Cold
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March of the Dead and
The Final Descent
Quest Giver
Captain Veleth
Raven Rock, Ulen Ancestral Tomb, Ashfallow Citadel
10000 Gold.png at L71
House Severin Manor
Quest Objectives


When talking to Captain Veleth about the situation in Raven Rock he brings up the rumour that there may be a conspiracy afoot to assassinate first councillor Lleril Morvayn. Adril Arano is aware of the details.

Speak to Adril Arano[]

Adril Arano believes members of the Ulen family are present on Solstheim seeking revenge on Morvayn for executing their ancestor. Even though few attempts to locate the perpetrators were made, all of them failed. Adril therefore suggests to tread lightly, and that the Dragonborn as an outsider would be ideal for some covert work. Apparently the innkeeper Geldis Sadri knows more.

Speak to Geldis Sadri[]

Geldis Sadri points out that someone has been leaving behind offerings at the Ulen Ancestral Tomb and that the best course of action would be to sneak into the tomb and wait.

Wait inside Ulen Ancestral Tomb[]

And so the Dragonborn waits in the tomb.

Discover the identity of the tomb's visitor[]

Sneaking up on the person who then enters reveals her identity as Tilisu Severin.

The Dragonborn can strike up a conversation with the suspect, who will deny any ulterior motives, or simply sneak out undetected. (Does not seem to make a difference.)

Report back to Adril Arano[]

Back with Adril, mentioning the name Tilisu Severin, is greeted with mixed feelings. On the one hand he always did suspect the Severin, but at the same time the richest family in Raven Rock has supported the town significantly over the years. Though this possibly was just part of their cover-up. As that may be, Adril needs solid evidence before he can do anything.

Recover evidence from Severin Manor[]

The Dragonborn is sent to the Severin Manor with a Severin Manor Key to find and retrieve any possible evidence. This may be done in stealth without the inhabitants knowing.

Down in the cellar, in the west room, in the south-west corner open the Severin Family Safe and retrieve the The Ulen Matter letter.

Bring the evidence to Adril Arano[]

When Adril reads the letter he finally has the proof he needs to take action against the Severin family. The secret family hideout is at Ashfallow Citadel and Adril will have two guards sent there to support the Dragonborn.

Meet up with the Redoran Guard[]

Arriving at the Ashfallow Citadel the two Redoran guards are found dead, alongside two Morag Tong assassins. Apparently the Severin family has secretly been training special assassins for their plans.

End the threat to Councilor Morvayn[]

Following the linear path through the citadel the Dragonborn confronts and disposes of all members of the Severin family, daughter Mirri, mother Tilisu and family head Vendil.

Note: Mirri and Tilisu may already have been killed at the Severin Manor while looking for evidence, so will not be found here any more.

Return to Adril Arano[]

Return to Adril Arano with news that the Severin/Ulen family will no longer be a threat to the councillor.

Follow Adril Arano[]

Follow Adril to meet up with Morvayn.

Speak to Councilor Morvayn[]

Councillor Morvayn will be delighted with the Dragonborn's work and pay a substantial gold reward, and additionally offer a permanent residence here in Raven Rock with the Severin Manor.