Shadowgreen Cavern

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Shadowgreen Cavern
Cave interior

Shadowgreen Cavern

Shadowgreen Cavern is a cave with a forest grove inside. It is located north-north-east of the Thalmor Embassy, accessible from the coast though.

Inside are some spriggans (×3), spriggan earth mothers (×3) bears (×3), sabre cats (not always), wolves (×3) and bunnies as well as luna moths and torchbugs.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Items of Note[edit | edit source]

  • Entering the cave, on the left side, in a tree stump with mushrooms a Glass War Axe is stuck.
  • At the bottom of the pool: a potion, Elven Shield and Glass Greatsword at L54.
  • Mushrooms ×11, Corundum Ore Vein, and at very top of spiral path: potion and poison.
  • Chests ~120, ~120, ~2840, ~150 Gold.png value (L54).
  • The latter chest is only accessible from the top stone column in the centre of the map, jump down to the north-east, then use Whirlwind Sprint to span the gap.