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Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon
Daedric shrine
Daedric Shrine
The Pale
South-East of Solitude, South-West of Dawnstar

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon is a Daedric Shrine located near the Skyborn Altar. The shrine is dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction. The shrine's door will be locked (requires Key to Mehrunes' Shrine) until the quests of Silus Vesuius are done. To gain access to the interior of the shrine, the quest Pieces of the Past must be completed.


The Shrine's Location

The shrine is located south-west of Dawnstar and south-east of Solitude.

You can find a path leading up into the mountains, just north of Hall of the Vigilant. The path has a stone marker and goes up steeply in a south westerly way and ends in a stairs up to the Shrine.

There is also another path south of Fort Dunstad leading in a westerly direction. Keep following it till you reach the stairs to the Shrine.


Four Dremora, two outside, and two inside.


All of the ingots and ingredients within the shrine respawn when the Daedra do, after about 7 in-game days.



  • Near this location can be found the Skyborn Altar, which also contains a word wall.
  • All four of the Daedra respawn after a week (in-game time), two inside and two outside the shrine.
  • The shrine can be a great source of the materials required to smith Daedric Armor and Ebony Armor.