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Shrine of Arkay

There are numerous shrines to the Divines scattered throughout Skyrim. In addition to curing most diseases, these shrines also offer blessings. They can consist of simple altars within buildings or have an entire site dedicated to that purpose.

Image Name Blessing Locations
ShrineofAkatosh.png Shrine of Akatosh Blessing of Akatosh
Magicka regenerates 10% faster
ShrineofArkay.png Shrine of Arkay Blessing of Arkay
Increases your health by 25 points
ShrineofDibella.png Shrine of Dibella Blessing of Dibella
+10 Speechcraft.
ShrineofJulianos.png Shrine of Julianos Blessing of Julianos
Increases your Magicka by 25 points
ShrineofKynareth.png Shrine of Kynareth Blessing of Kynareth
Increases your stamina by 25 points
ShrineofMara.png Shrine of Mara Blessing of Mara
Healing spells restore 10% more.
ShrineofStendarr.png Shrine of Stendarr Blessing of Stendarr
Block 10% more damage with your shield.
ShrineofTalos.png Shrine of Talos Blessing of Talos
Time between shouts is reduced 20%.
ShrineofZenithar.png Shrine of Zenithar Blessing of Zenithar
Prices are 10% better.

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