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Sigdis Gauldurson
Geirmund's Hall

Sigdis is one of the three Gauldurson brothers, the other two are Jyrik and Mikrul. He is found in Geirmund's Hall, along with several draugr shades. He also drops the Gauldur Blackbow.


Sigdis Gauldurson, along with his brothers, Mikrul and Jyrik, murdered their father, Archmage Gauldur. After their betrayal, Gauldur's colleagues at the College of Winterhold imprisoned each of the brothers as Draugr guardians in different dungeons. The Gauldur Amulet was split into three parts, each one entombed with one of the brothers. The Dragonborn traveled to each of the tombs and retrieved the fragments from the brothers. After bringing all three fragments to Reachwater Rock, the Dragonborn fought ghostly shades of the three brothers before obtaining the remade Gauldur Amulet.


Sigdis wields the Gauldur Blackbow and is imprisoned in the depths of Geirmund's Hall. He is found in a room containing his tomb and three other platforms. When awoken, Sigdis teleports to one of the three platforms and spawns clones on the other two. The clones are distinguishable because they glow blue, disintegrate after a single hit, and always have full health. The real Sigdis always show the correct health count. Sigdis and both of his clones will continually fire arrows with the Gauldur Blackbow. They will also use the Disarm Shout, so using magic rather than a ranged weapon is advisable. They will also use Unrelenting Force together, knocking the Dragonborn off his/her feet for a long time. When the real Sigdis is defeated, the clones disappear and the Dragonborn is able to retrieve Sigdis's amulet fragment.

In Reachwater Rock, Sigdis battles the same way, but creates 5-6 clones instead of two. All of the clones can still use Disarm, but only the real Sigdis will use Unrelenting Force. After defeating the spectral Sigdis here will reward the Dragonborn with the remade Gauldur amulet.