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Thieves' Guild
Silver Lining
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5 Radiant Thieves' Guild quests in Markarth
Quest Giver
Delvin Mallory
Glass Shield of Fire Suppression
Endon's services as a fence
Quest Objectives


You will receive this quest after completing 5 Radiant Thieves' Guild quests in the city of Markarth.

Speak to Endon the Silversmith[]

After getting this special contract from Delvin Mallory you need to go to Markarth and speak to Endon the silversmith, who will be at the Silver-Blood Inn during the evening.

Endon ordered a special silver mold from some artisans in Valenwood by way of a Khajiit Caravan, but the merchandise never arrived. Apparently the caravan was robbed by a group of bandits led by Rigel Strong-Arm. The mold was taken to the bandit's hideout, a small cottage called Pinewatch.

Note: The Dragonborn may already have found a Curious Silver Mold exploring Skyrim. This is indeed the mold in question, and obviously this simplifies things quite a bit.

Enter Pinewatch[]

Go to Pinewatch and descend the stairs to the cellar where you will find a single bandit. Kill him or sneak past then find the secret button by the bookshelf on the right hand side. Once you open it you will discover a large underground dungeon.

Recover Endon's Silver Mold[]

Sneak past or kill the bandits making your way through the caves until you reach the living quarters and the bandit leader, Rigel Strong-Arm. After killing her and taking the key to the Pinewatch Treasure Room, just follow the coins on the ground (being careful of traps along the way) and you will find the Endon's Silver Mold. Pick it up and return to Endon.

Endon will reward the Dragonborn with a Glass Shield of Fire Suppression and his services as a fence for the Guild.


Delvin Mallory will be pleased with the outcome, assuring the Guild's foothold in Markarth.

He will also mention that the blacksmith Arnskar Ember-Master has taken up residence in the north cell, just outside of the Ragged Flagon, adding a blacksmith forge, a workbench and a grindstone there.