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Skuldafn South Tower


Skuldafn is a Nordic ruin that can only be reached with the help of Odahviing. It is also the location of the portal to Sovngarde. Many powerful draugr will stand in the Dragonborn's path.


Skuldafn south Tower[]

This structure is set completely apart from the rest of Skuldafn. It contains several draugr and random loot.

Skuldafn north Tower[]

Another such structure is the northern tower.

Skuldafn Temple[]

This is where you encounter not only many draugr and several Frostbite Spiders, but a Dragon Priest with a Diamond Claw. A word wall for the shout Stormcall is nearby.

Finally confront another such priest named Nahkriin. The latter must be defeated, for his staff opens the the portal to Sovngarde. His mask should also be of interest.


First Three Pillars[]

In the temple a room with three pillars requires two proper combinations. The solution can be found in the plaques placed above the pillars.

The right door leading to a Chest ~1720 Gold.png value (L72)., and opens via:

Whale glyph Hawk glyph Snake glyph

The left door continues deeper into the temple:

Whale glyph Snake glyph Snake glyph

Second Three Pillars[]

Further into the temple, another set of pillars requires a combination:

Whale glyph Snake glyph Hawk glyph

Diamond Claw Gate[]

To open the massive stone gate use the Diamond Claw, with this combination (outer to inner ring):

Fox glyph Moth glyph Dragon glyph

Items of Note[]


  • Potion, chests ~2030 (west of north tower), ~2300, ~640 (north-west of north tower, on altar), ~ Gold.png value (L72).

South Tower:

  • Urns ~1110, ~1660; chest ~2010 Gold.png value (L72).

North Tower:

  • Chest ~2470, ~910 (exit to balcony) Gold.png value (L72).


Outside and on top of Temple: