Skyrim Wiki

This page contains the administration guidelines for this wiki. It describes the basic rules of conduct as well as guidelines for blocking users, deleting and protecting pages.

General Wiki Guidelines[]

  • Please always treat other users kindly and with respect.
  • Racist, sexist and insulting statements are not permitted.
  • Any pornography, as well as pornographic links and statements, are prohibited.
  • Violation of copyright is prohibited.
  • When inserting content from external websites, copyright must be observed.
  • Do not create content in foreign languages.
  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar when creating texts.
  • This wiki only covers the Skyrim original game by Bethesda. Other content is not covered by this wiki.
  • Do not create content that does not correspond to the theme of the wiki.
  • It is forbidden to empty pages for no reason or to insert nonsensical content.
  • Numerous pointless or redundant edits are not permitted.
  • Constant mutual resetting of the edits of another user to enforce your own edits is prohibited.
  • Users are only allowed to use one account at a time.
    • Exceptions are bot and test accounts that are verifiably permitted by the administrators or FANDOM.
  • Talk pages are not a chat room. Excessive use for short periods of time is prohibited.
  • Before uploading images and videos, check whether suitable ones already exist and can be used.
  • Images on user pages should be used sparingly.
  • User pages may only be changed with the permission of the respective user.
    • Administrators may make corrections to enforce the policy.

Blocking users[]

See also: Skyrim Wiki:Blocking guidelines


The blocking of users is based on the assessment of the wiki administrators. Possible reasons for blocking are (but are not limited to):

  • Wiki Policy Violations
  • Vandalism
  • Creation of posts that clearly disrupt the wiki
  • Spam links to external websites
  • Starting or engaging in conflicts with users
  • Personal attacks, insults or threats against other users
  • Creating an account with an unacceptable username
  • Multiple Account Abuse


The duration of blocking is based on the assessment of the wiki administrators. For simple offenses, a possible procedure can be:

  • Three days for the first offense
  • A week for the second offense
  • One month for the third offense
  • Permanent ban for any further offense


When content is deleted, it is removed from the wiki along with its version history. Integrated texts, media or templates are retained. Before deleting, the following should be checked:

  • Creation time and processing history
  • Eventual transfer of relevant information to remaining pages
  • Page titles that make sense as a search term can possibly be converted into a redirect.

Deletion should be considered in the event of:

  • Content that contradicts the wiki guidelines
  • Redundant pages on the same topic
  • Duplicates

User pages may be deleted at the request of the respective user.

Page protection[]


Most pages should be left unprotected and allow editing without extended permissions. As a rule, side protection should be set up for the following pages:

  • Critical parts of the wiki.
    • This includes pages like the main page or frequently used templates.
  • Items that are often the target of vandalism.
  • Pages that are the "battlefield" for an "Edit-War".
    • If a group of editors has repeatedly undone each other's changes, a page protection can encourage those involved to resolve the dispute through a discussion, if necessary.

User pages can be protected at the request of the respective user.


In general, page protection should only be used for as long as necessary. Articles should only be protected for a reasonable period.