Skyrim Wiki

On this page, a list of templates and their redirects are found.

General templates[]

  • {{,}} creates a bold middot.
  • {{*}} creates a bullet.
  • {{Button}} creates a border around text.
  • {{DefaultValue}}
  • {{IfEqThenElse}}
  • {{Quotation}} creates a quotation box.
  • {{Sic}} marks errors that are present in the source text.
  • {{Id}} adds the "xx" text that comes before an ID.
  • {{U}} links a user.
  • {{No}} displays a red cross.
  • {{Yes}} displays a green check.
  • {{Cols}} converts a set of content into a variable amount of columns of content.
  • {{C}} displays a link to a category.

General metatemplates[]

  • {{Transclude}} resolves page names as they would be handled by MediaWiki's template-transclusion process.

Escape character metatemplates[]

  • {{!!}} is equivalent to ||.
  • {{=}} is equivalent to =.

List templates[]

  • {{Admins}} lists the Curse wiki staff and the administrator's of the wiki, and their according talk pages and contribution special pages.
  • {{News Archive}} contains a list of archived Skyrim news.
  • {{News}} contains a list of Skyrim news.

Styling templates[]

  • {{Initial}} capitalizes and styles a string
  • {{Skyrim header}} creates a large header that is broken.
  • {{Skyrim header new}} creates a large header stylized similar to Skyrim's aesthetic.
  • {{Header/3}} creates a large message box.
  • {{Header/4}} creates a small message box.

Article message templates[]

  • {{Did you know}} displays a Did you know? box for trivia facts about Skyrim.

Maintenance templates[]

  • {{Move}} marks and displays a message box requesting the page be moved.
  • {{Stub}}{{Stubs}} marks the page as a stub.
  • {{Delete}} marks the page for request for deletion.
  • {{Disambig}} marks and displays a notice for disambiguation pages.
  • {{Image requested}} requests an image be uploaded for a page.
  • {{Merge}} marks and displays a message box requesting the page be merged with another.
  • {{UnderDev}} marks the page as under heavy development, in other words, a work-in-progress.
  • {{Rewrite}} marks and displays a message suggesting the page be rewritten.
  • {{Dead end}} marks the page as a dead end; with little-to-no internal links.

User notice templates[]

Talk page templates[]

  • {{Unsigned}} adds a signature to an unsigned post, and states that the post was unsigned.

Infobox templates[]

Navigation metatemplates[]

  • {{Navbar}} adds navbar functionality to navboxes.
  • {{Navbox}} creates a navbox.

Navigation templates[]

Documentation templates[]

  • {{Doc}} displays the default documentation for a template.

Documentation metatemplates[]

  • {{Doc/start}} creates the start of the template documentation boilerplate.
  • {{Doc/end}} creates the end of the template documentation boilerplate.
  • {{Tl}} links a template surrounded by double braces.
  • {{-}} clears floating elements with a line break.
  • {{Clear}} clears floating elements with a div.

Miscellaneous templates[]

  • {{Fullurl}} creates a full wiki URL in plain text.
  • {{Category TOC}} creates a table of contents box categorized by letter and number.
  • {{Gold}} displays an image of Skyrim's Gold.
  • {{Mod row}} displays a formatted row for the Modifications page.
  • {{Ch}} displays chest-found gold values with the according level of the person who found it, since treasure is typically leveled.
  • {{Extension DPL}} is a background template automatically created when the DPL3 extension is enabled. It is never called directly.

Templates with an unknown purpose[]

Some templates here were not well documented at the time of creation, and as such, their purpose is unclear. If you know the purpose of a template, please say so on the discussion page.