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On this page, a list of templates and their redirects are found.

General templates

  • {{,}} creates a bold middot.
  • {{*}} creates a bullet.
  • {{Button}} creates a border around text.
  • {{DefaultValue}}
  • {{IfEqThenElse}}
  • {{Quotation}} creates a quotation box.
  • {{Sic}} marks errors that are present in the source text.
  • {{Id}} adds the "xx" text that comes before an ID.
  • {{U}} links a user.
  • {{No}} displays a red cross.
  • {{Yes}} displays a green check.
  • {{Cols}} converts a set of content into a variable amount of columns of content.
  • {{C}} displays a link to a category.

General metatemplates

  • {{Transclude}} resolves page names as they would be handled by MediaWiki's template-transclusion process.

Escape character metatemplates

  • {{!}} is equivalent to |.
  • {{!!}} is equivalent to ||.
  • {{=}} is equivalent to =.

List templates

  • {{Community admins list}} lists the administrator's of the wiki, and their according talk pages and contribution special pages.
  • {{Curse wiki staff list}} lists the Curse wiki staff, and their according talk pages and contributions special pages.
  • {{News Archive}} contains a list of archived Skyrim news.
  • {{News}} contains a list of Skyrim news.

Styling templates

  • {{Initial}} capitalizes and styles a string
  • {{Skyrim header}} creates a large header that is broken.
  • {{Skyrim header new}} creates a large header stylized similar to Skyrim's aesthetic.
  • {{Header/3}} creates a large message box.
  • {{Header/4}} creates a small message box.

Article message templates

  • {{Did you know}} displays a Did you know? box for trivia facts about Skyrim.

Maintenance templates

  • {{Move}} marks and displays a message box requesting the page be moved.
  • {{Stub}}{{Stubs}} marks the page as a stub.
  • {{Delete}} marks the page for request for deletion.
  • {{Disambig}} marks and displays a notice for disambiguation pages.
  • {{Image requested}} requests an image be uploaded for a page.
  • {{Merge}} marks and displays a message box requesting the page be merged with another.
  • {{UnderDev}} marks the page as under heavy development, in other words, a work-in-progress.
  • {{Rewrite}} marks and displays a message suggesting the page be rewritten.
  • {{Dead end}} marks the page as a dead end; with little-to-no internal links.

User notice templates

Talk page templates

  • {{Unsigned}} adds a signature to an unsigned post, and states that the post was unsigned.

Infobox metatemplates

Infobox templates

Navigation metatemplates

  • {{Navbar}} adds navbar functionality to navboxes.
  • {{Navbox}} creates a navbox.

Navigation templates

Documentation templates

  • {{Doc}} displays the default documentation for a template.

Documentation metatemplates

  • {{Doc/start}} creates the start of the template documentation boilerplate.
  • {{Doc/end}} creates the end of the template documentation boilerplate.
  • {{Tl}} links a template surrounded by double braces.
  • {{-}} clears floating elements with a line break.
  • {{Clear}} clears floating elements with a div.

Miscellaneous templates

  • {{Fullurl}} creates a full wiki URL in plain text.
  • {{Category TOC}} creates a table of contents box categorized by letter and number.
  • {{Gold}} displays an image of Skyrim's Gold.
  • {{Mod row}} displays a formatted row for the Modifications page.
  • {{Ch}} displays chest-found gold values with the according level of the person who found it, since treasure is typically leveled.

Templates with an unknown purpose

Some templates here were not well documented at the time of creation, and as such, their purpose is unclear. If you know the purpose of a template, please say so on the discussion page.