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Snow Veil Sanctum

Snow Veil Sanctum

Snow Veil Sanctum is a Nordic ruin located north-north-east of Windhelm.

Note: Both entrances to the site are initially inaccessible: the Snow Veil Sanctum gate is shut off by a metal gate, and the main Snow Veil Catacombs entrance requires a key.

This is where Mercer Frey leads the Dragonborn before his betrayal. It is also where the Dragonborn finally meets Karliah. Prior to meeting her though, the Dragonborn must battle a rather large number of levelled draugrs.

There is also a word wall with one of the words for the Disarm shout and a copy of Ice and Chitin.


Snow Veil Catacombs

In this area, there is a Model Ship which is of interest to Delvin Mallory as well as a copy of the skill book Three Thieves.


Items of Note