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Speak to Tonilia about exchanging a piece of armor
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Scoundrel's Folly
Quest Giver
Mercer Frey
Quest Objectives


After successfully completing the quest Scoundrel's Folly, Mercer Frey will tell the Dragonborn to upgrade one piece of the Thieves' Guild Armor Set by Tonilia as part of the reward. She can typically found in The Ragged Flagon.

Speak to Tonilia about exchanging a piece of armor[]

Below is a list of the comparative stats for each piece in the set.

Set item Stats before improvement Stats after improvement
Thieves Guild Armor Armor: 33 / Weight: 7
Carrying capacity increased by 20 points
Armor: 35 / Weight: 6
Carrying capacity increased by 35 points
Thieves Guild Boots Armor: 9 / Weight 1.5
Pickpocket success is 15% better
Armor: 10 / Weight: 1
Pickpocket success is 25% better
Thieves Guild Gloves Armor: 9 / Weight: 1
Lockpicking is 15% easier
Armor: 10 / Weight: 1
Lockpicking is 25% easier
Thieves Guild Hood Armor: 13 / Weight: 1.5
Prices are 10% better
Armor: 15 / Weight: 1
Prices are 15% better