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Newheader left.png Disambig.png This article is about the weapon the Staff of Magnus. For other uses, see The Staff of Magnus. Newheader right.png

Staff of Magnus
Staff of Magnus.png
Absorb 20 Magicka per second. If the target is out of Magicka, Absorb Health instead.
Either hand
Base Value

The Staff of Magnus is a powerful staff and the only thing that can control the Eye of Magnus. It is currently owned by a Dragon Priest named Morokei who resides deep within Labyrinthian. You get to keep the Staff as a reward for the quest to defeat Ancano. While you can enter Labyrinthian earlier, if you do not have the Torc of Labyrinthian, received when starting the quest "The Staff of Magnus", you cannot yet access the area where Morokei and the staff are located.

The staff is an enemy-draining weapon, which begins with Absorb Magicka for 20 points per second, and – if the target runs out of Magicka – will switch to Absorb Health at the same rate. The magic effect works like a "concentration" spell, fired continuously at the enemy (similar in mechanics to the regular spells Flames, Frostbite, and Sparks).

The staff carries quite a large charge – a maximum of 5,000 – but is expensive to operate, providing only about 47 seconds of use before it is drained. It requires a great number of Petty or Lesser Soul Gems, several Common or Greater, or a few Grand or Black Soul Gems to recharge

The staff is an Alteration-based artifact, and is thus affected by the Alteration skill. Use of it with 100% Fortify Alteration active will result in an unlimited charge for the duration of that effect. Like other staves in Skyrim, it is not a melee weapon and cannot be wielded for direct damage.

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