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Staubin's Diary
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A diary describing the expedition to Nchuand-Zel and the likely cause of the author's demise.




After making our way down the mine and through the spiders we've finally made it down to Nchaund-Zel proper. They've built this city into the very cave walls that house it. Amazing. Nchuand-Zel hums with life, but its guardians lay dormant, hopefully we can learn more as we go deeper.

* * * * *

This area seems to be where two of the city's families lived. We've spent some time studying this tree outside the dwellings but cannot figure out what its significance is. Stromm will be remaining behind with one of the students to further study this area in greater depth. I look forward to reading his notes on the subject.

* * * * *

Today we entered the city's armory. The Falmer have yet to break into the best of the dwarven goods thanks to the sturdy dwemer locks. Erj said he would be able to get into the vaults and would send word when he's in. The spiders gave us much trouble but who could have foreseen they've been the only thing keeping Markarth safe?

* * * * *

After exiting the Armory we made camp, but the Falmer have been watching us and finally tired of our intrusion. They came while we slept and slaughtered what guards were left. Meridia forgive me for using my students as a distraction to get away, but I have to bring this place back to life.

* * * * *

too many . . .

couldn't hit switch . . .

— Staubin