Steal the Argonian Ale

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Steal the Argonian Ale
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Type Freeform
Quest Giver Brenuin
Location Whiterun
Rewards Potion of Vigorous Healing
Alt Rewards
Required Level
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Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This quest is received randomly from the drunken beggar Brenuin. He can be found wandering the streets of Whiterun or inside The Bannered Mare. He can be overheard saying "I ain't done nothing" or "My favorite drinking buddy!". Give him a gold piece, then ask him if he is always drunk. And he will mention some Argonian Ale he would fancy.

Steal the Argonian Ale[edit | edit source]

Enter the Bannered Mare and head straight to the kitchen where the bottle of Argonian Ale is on the bottom shelf of the cupboard between the barrels and the table. Steal the ale, or if you are already Thane, just take it.

Give the Argonian Ale to Brenuin[edit | edit source]

Then head back and give the bottle to Brenuin, then select "Here's that special ale you wanted." and he rewards you with a Potion of Vigorous Healing.