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Steal the Dragon's Breath Mead for Olda
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Quest Giver
Dragon Bridge
Gold.png scaled to level (Olda)
(e.g. 750 Gold.png at L53) or
Block +1 (Horgeir)
Quest Objectives


This quest begins when the Dragonborn strikes up a conversation with Olda. She mentions that her husband Horgeir is drinking away all his profits from their mill and that she wants to teach him a lesson.

Steal the Dragon's Breath Mead for Olda[]

Olda explains that she knows where his cache of alcohol is hidden and tells the Dragonborn that the hiding place is guarded by wolves. The hiding place is located south-west of the town under a rocky overhang.

Note: The Dragon's Breath Mead the Dragonborn is supposed to retrieve will be spawned at the location only after the quest has begun. So retrieving it beforehand is not possible.

Bring the Dragon's Breath Mead to Olda (or Horgeir)[]

Once the Dragonborn has the Dragon's Breath Mead, there is the choice of returning it to Olda for a reward of some gold, or of giving it Horgeir who will increase Blocking by one point.