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Steal the Private Letter for Dengeir
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Quest Giver
Dengeir of Stuhn
Gold.png scaled to level
250 Gold.png (L1) 600 Gold.png (L35)
Followed by
Dark Ancestor
Quest Objectives


When speaking with Dengeir of Stuhn in Falkreath, the former Jarl and supporter of the Stormcloaks asks the Dragonborn to retrieve a Private Letter for him from Lod's house. He believes that Lod is an Imperial sympathiser and is certain the letter will prove that he is up to no good. The Dragonborn can then decide whether or not to help.

Steal the Private Letter for Dengeir[]

If the Dragonborn decides to help Dengeir, enter Lod's house and take the letter on the end table next to the blacksmith's bed.

Bring the letter to Dengeir[]

After bringing the letter to Dengeir, it takes a bit of convincing before he realises that Lod is not a traitor, though Dengeir is still not happy that the blacksmith is making weapons for the Imperial Legion.