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I would like to make a few comments here. The city's name is Leyawiin, and there are a few issues regarding the lore around it on this page. I will make the edits, but from now on, could people cite their sources? I mean come on, spelling the name of the page wrong is kind of embarrasing. — Kingkonig 11:34, 31 January 2013

Complaining about lack of citations without making your own is not a great way to start — Game widow (talk) 17:43, 31 January 2013 (UTC)
Being the original writer of the page, I have this to say: Yes, I erred on the spelling, but my error is a highly understandable one from the vantage of someone with a wider general knowledge of things real-world and fantasy. Here, I refer to the real-world origins of the name of the city; Leyawiin is meant to be a city established and cultured more or less by Bretons, who in the game generally have French-Bretish (gaelic/mainlander Celt, Battle of Hastings era Norman invaders, et al) or Welsh names (Welsh as in from Wales, southeast land of real-world Britain Proper). My point: the origin of the name, well apparent to the educated observer, is Welsh. The region above Philadelphia where I lived for many years has MANY Welsh-gaelic names, and in these names (and in those you'll see on a map of Wales) 'l's' are generally doubled. When I made the error, I went with a traditional real-world Welsh-gaelic spelling because I figured it would be correct; I didn't check up on UESP or other sources to see what the in-game spelling was. Thus, no, I'm not embarrassed - you're just uninformed. And yes, this was a bad way to start. Last of all, I'm curious as to what the other issues are with the lore on the page.Jhfurnish (talk) 01:16, 4 February 2013
I understand that I didn't start off well, and I really didn't intend to start off "well" by being nice. I intended to start off "well" by correcting mistakes that would be obvious to someone that has played the game recently. As far as the origin of the name goes, it may currently have some Breton influence, but you have to remember where the city is. It is in the southern region of Cyrodiil, and therefore has been historically influenced by the Khajiit and the Cyrodiilics more than the Bretons of High Rock. I understand that you went with your "real-world" instinct, but Tamrielic cultures are never based 100% on any culture. You might not be embarrassed, but I am definitely not "uninformed" when it comes to the spelling of the counties of Cyrodiil. Mainly because I have the Pocket Guide to the Empire (both 1st and 3rd editions) bookmarked, and I cross reference that with the UESP. The other lore-related issues include the assumption that the game is a perfect representation of the world. Chorrol is much larger than the 25 characters who live there. Bruma is around 300km away from the Imperial City, which is not a distance you can travel in one day. There may only be three bookstores in the game (I'm not exactly sure, I'm going off of what your article says), but there are more than three bookstores in Cyrodiil. I apologize for not adding the sources to my spelling of Leyawiin, since I assumed that an in-game spelling of one of the major counties did not need to be backed up by a website. Nevertheless, you may want to add information about the dispute of the boundaries between Leyawiin and Pelletine (Southern half of what used to be Elsweyr). If you do not know about the dispute, I will add it if you want. -Kingkonig

Moving forward[edit source]

In the interest of having good content and civil relations, let's start again.

A wiki is a collaborative effort and if you have information which is more accurate, or in any way better than what you find, then by all means add it. That's how wikis grow and improve. Rambling on and on about the perceived failings is not the point, making the wiki better is. To that end, we're happy to have more contributors adding good content and improving existing content. If that's what you're here to do, then you are welcome. If you are only here to criticize, then you are less so. — Game widow (talk) 19:20, 6 February 2013 (UTC)