Tanning Rack

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Tanning rack

The Tanning Rack is an interactive object in Skyrim used to turn animal hides into leather, and to cut leather into strips, both common components required for forging and improving weapons and armor.

Different types of animal hides will result in different amounts of leather. As a general rule, the larger the animal, the more leather you can create from its hide.

Hide conversion

Name Quantity Leather produced
Bear Pelt 1 4
Cave Bear Pelt 1 4
Cow Hide 1 3
Deer Hide 1 2
Goat Hide [1] 2 1
Fox Pelt 1 1
Horse Hide 1 3
Ice Wolf Pelt 1 1
Sabre Cat Pelt 1 4
Sabre Cat Snow Pelt 1 4
Snow Bear Pelt 1 4
Snow Fox Pelt 1 1
Wolf Pelt 1 1
Leather 1 4 × leather strips


  1. Two Goat Hides are necessary to produce one piece of leather