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Thalmor Embassy

Reeking Cave

Thalmor Embassy

This compound of well-built, highly secure buildings exists in the extreme north-west region of Skyrim, north-west of Solitude. Here, the Thalmor entertain wealthy and influential guests as well as control intelligence operations throughout Skyrim. They also have a dungeon complete with torture apparatus, where they collect information from prisoners.


During Diplomatic Immunity:

Elenwen's Solar:



Thalmor Barracks[]

Two Thalmor Soldiers and two Wizards take up the premises. A lot of food and five beds make life for the guards nicer. The barracks are only accessible after finishing Diplomatic Immunity, though.

Thalmor Embassy[]

Where the party takes place.

Thalmor Embassy, Elenwen's Solar[]

This is where the Dragonborn can find some interesting dossiers as well as a Stone of Barenziah (if the stone is not there, it will be in the Reeking Cave).

Thalmor Embassy, Dungeon[]

Also known as the Interrogation Chamber. This is where the prisoner, Etienne Rarnis is found. There is also a trap door leading to the Reeking Cave.

Reeking Cave[]

The Reeking Cave is accessed from inside the Thalmor embassy via a trap door in the dungeon. The cave leads to the road west-north-west of the embassy. If there was no Stone of Barenziah in Elenwen's Solar, it will be in this cave. The cave can be entered via a gap in the rock just east of the Ironback Hideout, though that will dead end in the cave. The Unusual Gem can be found next to the body of a conjurer who was probably killed by the Frost Troll living here.


Items of Note[]

  • On the path from the south, take the easterly fork, and continue up the mountain, until you reach a dead end ruined gate up some stone steps, on a small platform on the right: Daedric Greatsword (L53).
  • Just north-west of the Reeking Cave, down the icy path: Iron Ore Vein.
  • The Reeking Cave contains a copy of Before the Ages of Man.


  • Potion, book, chests ~100, ~250; knapsack ~420 Gold.png value (L68).


Elenwen's Solar: