The Burglary Job

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The Burglary Job
Prerequisite Taking Care of Business
Required Items {{{req_items}}}
Type Radiant

Thieves' Guild

Quest Giver Vex
Location Random
Rewards Gold.png scaled to level
e.g. 500 Gold.png at L66
Alt Rewards
Required Level
Followed by
Quest Objectives
Ornate Drinking Horn

Vex has requested that you retrieve an item requested by a client/of interest to her.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Retrieve the item from the target's home[edit | edit source]

Vex will ask you to go to a city chosen at random to the house of an NPC chosen at random. The home will never be a store though. So make your way to the city and find the house you need to be robbing. It is good to wait until the middle of the day when no one is usually home or early in the morning (2–7am) when everyone is asleep. Pick the lock and enter the house. Follow the quest marker to find the object you are supposed to steal.

The type of object will vary from quest to quest but it will always be made out of gold and encrusted with jewels so it will be easy to spot. Possible items are:

Grab the item and head back to Vex for your reward.