The Chief of Thirsk Hall

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The Chief of Thirsk Hall
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before the Retaking Thirsk assault
Required Items
10× Scathecraw
Quest Giver
Riekling Chief
Thirsk Mead Hall, Bujold's Retreat, Hrothmund's Barrow
Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Should the Dragonborn not yet have assaulted the Thirsk Mead Hall during Retaking Thirsk, the Rieklings who have taken over the hall will be friendly. And their Riekling Chief will ask the Dragonborn for help with a few matters.

Give Bilgemuck some meat[edit | edit source]

The first task is to return Bilgemuck to its pen on the southern side of the Thirsk Mead Hall. For this locate the special bristleback near the lake, just north of the hall, and lure it back with some meat. Pretty much any meat will do.

Return Bilgemuck to Thirsk[edit | edit source]

Bilgemuck will then follow the Dragonborn right into the pen.

Talk to the Chief[edit | edit source]

Tell the chief of the success.

Bring 10 Scathecraw to the Chief[edit | edit source]

This time the chief requires ten Scathecraw that can be found all over Solstheim. Collect them and give them to the chief.

Having witnessed the Dragonborn's skills he asks for the support of his clan of Rieklings against the "bad" Nords from Bujold's Retreat.

Note: Should the Dragonborn have explored and talked to Bujold the Unworthy at Bujold's Retreat, then it would be clear that the Riekling's actually took the hall.

Also note: Supporting the Rieklings against the Nords obviously forfeits Retaking Thirsk, and several personal quests the Nords would have had.

Join the assault[edit | edit source]

Tell the chief you will support his Rieklings against the Nords.

Kill the Nords[edit | edit source]

Wipe out the camp of Nords at Bujold's Retreat.

Speak to the Chief[edit | edit source]

After defeating the Nords, not all is well though, since the jealous Riekling Chief sees the Dragonborn as a threat to his power and attacks.

Defeat the Chief[edit | edit source]

Since the other Rieklings witnessed the Dragonborn's prowess, they start to attack their "former" chief once he attacks, seeing him as an unworthy leader apparently.