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Dark Brotherhood
The Dark Brotherhood Forever
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Hail Sithis!
Quest Giver
Night Mother
Dawnstar Sanctuary
Various random locations (listed below).
Gold.png scaled to level
e.g. 1200 Gold.png at L72
Quest Objectives

This is a repeating loop of quests that can be completed multiple times, after all previous Dark Brotherhood quests have been completed.


Speak to the Night Mother[]

Night Mother in her sarcophagus is located in the upper level of the Dawnstar Sanctuary, actually quite close to the main exit. She will inform you that a randomly chosen stock NPC has performed the Black Sacrament, and that you must go and speak with them.

Speak with the contact[]

Follow the Night Mother's instructions to find the contact. He/she will inform you of who they want killed and pay a levelled amount of Gold.png for your service.

Kill the target[]

There are many possible stock NPC targets you can have, spread across all of Skyrim. The locations are:

After you have killed the target, the quest will be complete, but a new quest of the same name will then be given to you, instructing you to once again speak to the Night Mother and receive another contract. This can be done as many times as you want and is a moderate source of income.