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The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard is the first Expansion Pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Information[ | ]

You can side with the Volkihar Vampire Clan, lead by Lord Harkon a Volikhar vampire lord and become a Vampire Lord yourself, or side with the Dawnguard. Vampire Lords can hover over the ground and have special spells. The Dragonborn will receive a crossbow no matter which side he/she chooses, but siding with the Dawnguard vampire hunters will provide access to a side quest to acquire new crossbow bolts (ammunition for crossbow/dwarven bolts ) as well as a stronger crossbow.

Release Dates[ | ]

  • Xbox release: June 26, 2012
  • PC release: August 2, 2012
  • PS3 version of this DLC has been postponed by Bethsoft because the developers are highly dissatisfied with its performance on that console. It will only be released once it is sufficiently debugged.
    • The situation with Skyrim DLC for the Sony PS3 console has worsened; apparently DLC issues for this console are so far-ranging that Bethsoft is not certain they can solve the problem and it may affect all other DLC developed for the game. See Bethsoft Forums for directly-sourced information.
    • Although Bethsoft has released no official statement to this effect, the tenor of discussion amongst the Skyrim community and media catering to it appears to presume that there will indeed be no release of the Dawnguard DLC on the PS3. Whether this will also affect the appearance of the new Hearthfire DLC on that console as well remains to be seen.
    • There is now a more definitive statement by Bethsoft itself regarding this situation; unfortunately, it affirms what has gone above, which will surely anger PS3 gamers who enjoyed the original game (insofar as they could play it on their console). See this link for a video and more information: Gamespot article
  • See more recently: Gamespot article
  • BREAKING NEWS: Bethesda Software's official Twitter reports that "all 3 DLC (for Skyrim) have passed Sony America certification and are now being submitted to EU (Sony)." So, the difficult issues that prevented PS3 users from experiencing Skyrim DLC content have been solved and all the new content is on its way. (January 31 2013)
  • UPDATE: As of February 2, 2013: All PS3 versions of existing Skyrim DLC will be finished releasing in both the USA and Europe by the end of February. For the first 10 days of each release, that DLC will be at half-price for PS3 users.

Features[ | ]

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