Clan Volkihar
The Gift
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The Bonds of Matrimony and
The Bloodstone Chalice
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Quest Objectives


After playing a few Radiant quests for the vampires at Castle Volkihar, Vingalmo will quite bluntly point out that it would be oh such a terrible tragedy if something happened to the Dragonborn's spouse. (Obviously the quest only comes up if the Dragonborn is actually married.)

To better protect the spouse, he therefore suggests turning her/him into a vampire.

Mesmerize and turn <Spouse> into a vampire

Use Vampire Seduction on your spouse and then bite her/him, bestowing Lord Harkon's gift.

Return to Vingalmo

Returning to Vingalmo may yield an item like:


  • Apparently not all spouse NPCs will trigger this quest, but Lydia works.
  • The spouse will only change eye colour, but not gain vampiric powers.
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