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The Jagged Crown
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Joining the Legion
Civil War
Quest Giver
Legate Rikke
Followed by
Message to Whiterun
Quest Objectives


The Jagged Crown is the second quest you will undertake in the Imperial quest line, there is an equivalent quest if the Dragonborn joins the Stormcloaks.

Talk to Legate Rikke[]

After accepting the quest from General Tullius, talk to Legate Rikke telling the Dragonborn to meet them outside of Korvanjund.

Meet Legate Rikke outside Korvanjund[]

Upon your arrival at Kovanjund you will meet up with a small group of Imperial soldiers led by Legate Rikke and Hadvar.

Follow Legate Rikke[]

Go inside and defeat the awaiting Stormcloak rebels.

Find a way past the ambush[]

In another room Legate Rikke suspects and ambush, take the path via upper level, and snipe the guards from there.

Find a way to open the gate[]

The troops gather at a Nordic puzzle door which requires a code carved into the Ebony Claw artefact. This is found right in front of the door. The symbol code for the door is on the palm of the Ebony Claw, it reads (top to bottom):

Fox glyph Moth glyph Dragon glyph

The party continues through the door and encounters a barred doorway which requires a lever to open. When facing towards the barred door, it can be found by taking a passageway to the right of the room and continuing over two walkways, once you have stepped off the wooden walkway, turn left and you will see a handle in the wall beside a burial urn. Pull this to open the doorway.

Retrieve the Jagged Crown[]

Upon Entering the room past the barred doorway, you will see a Draugr sitting on a chair apparently lifeless. Interacting with it will wake it and attack. Once awoken it will usually raise two other Draugr. After defeating them you are free to retrieve the Jagged Crown.

Tip: After you have the Jagged Crown, continue further down the cave to find a word wall for the Slow Time shout.

Deliver the crown to General Tullius[]

Take the Jagged Crown back to General Tullius at Castle Dour in Solitude.

Get new orders[]

You are then instructed to get new orders from Legate Rikke.