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The Man Who Cried Wolf
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Quest Giver
Falk Firebeard
Wolfskull Cave
Gold.png scaled to level
e.g. 1200 Gold.png at L54
Followed by
The Wolf Queen Awakened
Quest Objectives

A representative from Dragon Bridge has appealed to the court in Solitude for help investigating Wolfskull Cave. Falk Firebeard has asked me to clear out the cave.

— Dragonborn

I have confronted and stopped a group of necromancers attempting to summon Potema, the Wolf Queen, in Wolfskull Cave. I should return to Falk Firebeard with the news.

— Dragonborn


When the Dragonborn first arrives in the Blue Palace, he or she overhears a plea from Varnius Junius to check on the strange goings on in Wolfskull Cave. Varnius is then told that there are not sufficient resources available to look into the problem.

Ask Falk Firebeard about Wolfskull Cave[]

The Dragonborn can then speak with the steward, Falk Firebeard and offer to investigate the cave.

Clear Out Wolfskull Cave[]

The next step is to locate the Wolfskull Cave and enter it. Inside are numerous draugrs and skeletons. Further inside, the Dragonborn will find a magical orb with a figure inside which seems to be being fed from several sources. These sources turn out to be necromancers who are trying to summon Queen Potema.

Killing these necromancers and their thralls thwarts the summoning and fulfils the quest.

After having killed the necromancers, the Dragonborn can find a copy of The Refugees near the ritual altar. He can then use the lever on wall to get out.

Speak to Falk Firebeard[]

Falk Firebeard will be shocked to hear about the summoning of Queen Potema, but very much delighted the Dragonborn resolved the situation so effectively.


  • Finishing the quest opens up Elisif's Tribute that will then allow the Dragonborn to buy a property in Solitude.
  • It also seems to let the Dragonborn take most of the items in the Blue Palace, previously it was considered stealing.