The Shill Job

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The Shill Job
Prerequisite Taking Care of Business
Required Items {{{req_items}}}
Type Radiant

Thieves' Guild

Quest Giver Vex
Location Random
Rewards Gold.png scaled to level
e.g. 500 Gold.png at L66
Alt Rewards
Required Level
Followed by
Quest Objectives

Vex has told you that a client wishes someone disappear. But the Thieves' Guild does not do things like the Dark Brotherhood and has more indirect methods of making someone disappear.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Frame the target for a crime[edit | edit source]

Vex will give you some faked evidence to plant on a target. The location will be a random home/shop in a random city. Head to the target location and wait until everyone is asleep (12–7am) before breaking in. Once you are in the place, follow the quest marker for the chest/cupboard that you need to plant the evidence in. Once its in, go back to Vex to claim your reward.