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The Silver Hand
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Proving Honor,
one Radiant Quest
Quest Giver
Gallows Rock
Followed by
Blood's Honor
Quest Objectives

Skjor and the rest of the Circle is impressed with your accomplishments so far. They wish to welcome you into the Circle and he asks you to meet him outside the secret meeting place.


Talk to Skjor[]

When you come back from Proving Honor, you will be told that Skjor wants to see you. Go find him and he will tell you to meet him at the entrance to the Underforge after dark.

Meet with Skjor at night[]

Exit Jorvaskr and go around to where the Skyforge is. Near the base of the steps there will be an outline of a door in the stone. If it is not dark yet, just use the wait function until it is (after 9pm works). Skjor will be standing right beside the outline, and Aela will enter first. Speak with him to continue.

Enter the Underforge[]

Follow Skjor into the Underforge and listen to him as he explains what the place is and asks if you want to continue. You can ask him a few details about what is going on if you want to. It is basically about the Dragonborn taking the next step to better help the Circle by becoming stronger. When you are ready, tell him you agree and he will proceed with the ritual.

Participate in the blood ritual[]

Skjor will step up to Aela and slit her arm to fill the stone basin in front of you with blood. Simply step up to the basin, the Underforge Fountain, and drink the blood. Your vision will black out and you will awaken outside in wolf form. Just do whatever you please until you black out again. You will be awoken by Aela who has plans to celebrate your induction into the Circle.

Talk to Aela[]

Speak with her and she will tell you that you, she and Skjor will be assaulting a Silver Hand base at Gallows Rock. Skjor has already gone ahead so the two of you will have to catch up. What the Dragonborn does with the new werewolf power is up to the Dragonborn as Aela points out. But consuming victims not only prolongs the werewolf "frenzy" but also starts to yield Werewolf Perks.

Note: Yet again this means the Dragonborn will have to make do without any follower of choosing.

Kill the werewolf hunters[]

Go to Gallows Rock and fight your way in. There are two skill books in this place the One-Handed skillbook is in a large southern chamber while the Smithing skillbook is beside a workbench. You can free the caged werewolves if you want but they will just attack you. Aela points out that they are already beyond saving anyway. As you near the end of the dungeon, Aela will tell you about Krev the Skinner, your target in this base.

In a large circular room with tanning racks is Krev. Kill off the other Silver Hands before you deal with him. Once he is dead, you will discover the body of Skjor.

Note: On Skjor's body: Skyforge Steel Dagger, Skyforge Steel Sword, Wolf Armor, and Wolf Boots.

Talk to Aela[]

After you have looted the place, or before, just speak to Aela and listen to her grieve for a while before she tells you to return to Jorvaskr ahead of her. Go back there and meet her to finish the quest.