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The Straw that Broke
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Contents of Reyda's satchel
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When the Dragonborn gets to Ivarstead, he can encounter one of the locals, Narfi, a young man with a sad tale to tell. His parents are dead and his only living relative, his sister Reyda is missing. Apparently Wilhelm told Narfi that Reyda is still alive and well.

Ask Wilhelm about Reyda[]

At the Vilemyr Inn the innkeeper Wilhelm mentions that Reyda used to collect plants, especially near Geirmund's Hall a Nordic ruin and crypt on a small island in Lake Geir. Out of kindness Wilhelm lied to Narfi about knowing Reyda is still alive. Strange things seem to happen on the island, and then Reyda disappeared without a trace.

Locate Reyda's remains[]

The Dragonborn is directed north, just east of the towns stone bridge. In the middle of the lake, under water only the skeletal remains of Reyda can be found. And the only noteworthy item on her body is Reyda's Necklace.

Bring Reyda's Necklace to Narfi[]

Return to Narfi with the necklace, and break the bad news of his sisters untimely death to him.