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The Temple of Miraak (location)

The Tree Stone at the centre of the temple

The Temple of Miraak (location)

The Temple of Miraak is located in the centre of Solstheim, north-east of Raven Rock and north-north-east of Tel Mithryn.

Initially, the Tree Stone located there turns various Solstheim inhabitants into involuntary workers.


Initially found workers at the temple:


The Temple of Miraak[]

The temple is defended by cultists (×6) and overrun by draugr (×16).

Temple of Miraak Sanctum[]

Here skeletons (×10), draugr (×13) and cultists (×2) frolic. Most notably a word wall for the Dragon Aspect shout can be found. The Gatekeeper here carries the Temple of Miraak Key.

Further on the Black Book: Waking Dreams transports the Dragonborn to Apocrypha to confront Miraak himself for the first time. Hopelessly underprepared for the encounter the Dragonborn is defeated and expelled from the book.

Note: It is possible to re-enter the book. This time Miraak is not there, and this part of Apocrypha can be explored. Tip: The exploration, pretty much to the end of the book, will accelerate later progress in follow-up quests.


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