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The Temple of Miraak
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Temple of Miraak
one of the Dragon Aspect words
Black Book: Waking Dreams
Followed by
The Fate of the Skaal
Quest Objectives


Having reached the Temple of Miraak and the Tree Stone at the centre of the amphitheatre, will launch the quest.

Find Frea[]

Frea is desperately trying to convince the workers there, some from her village, to leave and go home. But Miraak's hypnotic powers over the enthralled are too strong.

Talk to Frea[]

Talking to Frea reveals that her village has been trying to fight against Miraak's powers, but only a very few were able to resist, Frea being one of them. When the Dragonborn mentions that cultists sent by Miraak have been attempting to assassinate the Dragonborn, it becomes clear that they both must find the source of Miraaks power and put an end to all of this.

As they speak a circular ramp around the Tree Stone drops and two cultists emerge, immediately attacking. A way into the temple thus opens.

Explore the Temple[]

Exploring the temple, reaching the Sanctum, leads to the Gatekeeper who carries the Temple of Miraak Key allowing further progress into the ruins.

Find the source of Miraak's power[]

Finally the Dragonborn and Frea reach a mysterious chamber with the Black Book: Waking Dreams on the central altar.

Read the Black Book[]

Reading the book, the Dragonborn comes face to face with the presently too powerful Miraak, who leaves the Dragonborn to be dealt with by a pair of Seekers. In the process the Dragonborn is thrown out of the book returning to the temple.

Note: It is possible to re-enter the book. This time Miraak is not there, and this part of Apocrypha can be explored. Tip: The exploration, pretty much to the end of the book, will accelerate later progress in follow-up quests.

Talk to Frea[]

But one thing the Dragonborn did learn is Miraak's plan to leave the otherworldly Apocrypha and to return to Solstheim. Frea suggests returning to Skaal Village and her farther the village shaman Storn Crag-Strider to discuss what can be done to stop Miraak.

This ends the quest and launches the follow-up quest The Fate of the Skaal.