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The Way of the Voice
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Dragon Rising
Quest Objectives

The Greybeards have summoned me to their monastery of High Hrothgar on the slopes of the Throat of the World. They seem to have learned of the mysterious power that I gained when I killed the dragon outside Whiterun.

I spoke to Arngeir, one of the Greybeards, who believes that I am "Dragonborn", which means I am especially gifted in the use of the Voice. They have offered to help me learn to use my new abilities.

— Dragonborn


Continue to speak with the Jarl about the Greybeards. He informs you that these venerable monks live in secluded isolation high on the slopes of the Throat of the World. They have the ability to focus their vital essence into a Thu'um, or Shout. To reach them, you must then climb to the top of the mountain from Ivarstead. Before you go, the Jarl will name you Thane of Whiterun, awarding you Lydia's services as housecarl, and the Axe of Whiterun.

Speak to the Greybeards[]

The route to High Hrothgar involves a lengthy, spiralling journey around the base of the Throat of the World. The first stop along this path is at the base of the 7,000 Steps, in the town of Ivarstead. Exit Whiterun and trek east, passing the Honningbrew Meadery. Cross the stone bridge over the White River, and follow the marked signpost to Ivarstead. Continue this stone path past a few encounters with wolves to a fork in the road. At this point, you can either take the long and winding road or the short and steep trail.

You may continue along the marked path, ignoring the track up to the Giants of Guldun Rock. Prepare to pay a toll or fight at the bandit-infested Valtheim Towers. Then descend past the waterfall, along the same path past some drystone walls and the stone trilithon at the base of a stepped side path indicating the entrance to Hillgrund's Tomb. Cross the bridge over Darkwater River and journey south (and south-east), right past Fort Amol. Head over another bridge close to a waterfall and continue along the stone path. Beware of more animal encounters, including a Sabre Cat or two! Head over another bridge, next to an even-more impressive waterfall, and trek east up a hill, where the stone path deteriorates.

The path soon turns south-west, up a long, steep slope, past Snapleg Cave. Continue south-west, ignoring the bridge. Head into birch woodland where Sarethi Farm is located. Expect elk, deer, a hunter's tent or two, and a view of Lake Geir from the bridge over the Treva River. Continue farther into the forest as the path turns west, past a junction and more drystone walls. Then turn right at the small stone ruins near Honeystrand Cave. You have finally reached Ivarstead.

Ivarstead is a slightly depressing place. The inhabitants are leaving for the greener pastures of Riften. You can stay and chat with the locals, or listen to them talk about the path up to High Hrothgar; they do not think the 7,000 steps are safe.

Your pilgrimage begins at the other side of the stone bridge. Almost immediately, you spot a small shrine. It will tell you the first ten verses detailing the history of dragons and man.

Follow the winding path: at the second shrine, you may find a hunter named Barknar praying. Continue up the precarious path: Expect a couple of wolf attacks along the way. The third shrine is nestled on a small, snowy plateau. Follow the path and remain on the side of the mountain, as the drop is deadly. The fourth shrine is near some stones and a small gnarled tree. You may encounter another pilgrim here, named Karita.

Use the marker stones as you wander up, into a granite gully. A Frost Troll is likely to be guarding this area, leaping down to maul you. The fifth shrine is just past that. Trek north down the snow steps, passing a few windswept trees to the sixth shrine. Continue north and locate the seventh shrine jutting out to the west. If you could see it, you would be looking across southern Eastmarch. Turn north and look for the eighth shrine in front of a rocky outcrop.

The ninth shrine is below a stone statue to Talos. You will see High Hrothgar as you close in on the final set of steps. Enter High Hrothgar

Demonstrate your "Unrelenting Force" Shout[]

Select Unrelenting Force shout from the Magic menu, and use it on Arngeir. The other Greybeards, Borri, Einarth, and Wulfgar come to watch.

Speak to Arngeir[]

Who are you? What is this place?
We are the Greybeards, followers of the Way of the Voice
You stand in High Hrothgar, on the slopes of Kynareth's sacred mountain.
Here we commune with the voice of the sky, and strive to achieve balance between our inner and outer selves.
I want to find out what it means to be Dragonborn.
We are here to guide you in that pursuit, just as the Greybeards have sought to guide those of the Dragon Blood that came before you.
You mean I'm not the only Dragonborn?
You are not the first. There have been many of the Dragon Blood since Akatosh first bestowed that gift upon mortalkind.
Whether you are the only Dragonborn of this age... that is not ours to know.
You are the only one that has been revealed thus far. That is all I can say.
I am answering your summons, Master.
We are honored to welcome a Dragonborn to High Hrothgar.
We will do our best to teach you how to use your gift in fulfillment of your destiny.
What is my destiny?
That is for you to discover. We can show you the Way, but not your destination.
I'am ready to learn.
You have shown that you are Dragonborn. You have the inborn gift.
But do you have the discipline and temperament to follow the path laid out for you? That remains to be seen.
Without training, you have already taken the first steps towards projecting your Voice into a Thu'um, a Shout.
Now let us see if you are willing and able to learn.
When you Shout, you speak in the language of dragons. Thus, your Dragon Blood gives you an inborn ability to learn Words of Power.
All Shouts are made up of three Words of Power. As you master each Word, your Shout will become progressively stronger.
Master Einarth will now teach you 'Ro', the second Word in Unrelenting Force.
Ro means "Balance" in the Dragon tongue. Combine it with Fus - "Force - to focus your Thu'um more sharply.

Learn the Word of Power from Einarth[]

After speaking with Arngeir, Einarth will teach you "Ro", or Balance. Step onto the runes on the ground.

Demonstrate your "Unrelenting Force" Shout[]

The monks have three targets for you to bellow your shout toward. As the first ghostly monk is conjured, execute your shout. The trick is to hold down the shout button longer than usual. Repeat this process two more times.

Learn the Word of Power from Borri[]

Follow Master Borri to the door to the High Hrothgar courtyard and step outside, stopping next to Borri, who is ready to teach you a new shout, the Wuld (or Whirlwind). Stand over the snow that Borri has projected the shout into to learn Whirlwind Sprint.

Demonstrate your "Whirlwind Sprint" Shout[]

Master Borri walks toward an iron gate. Before following him, equip Whirlwind Sprint. Stand between the two stone columns facing the gate, with Master Wulfgar in view. He demonstrates the shout by running through the gate at high speeds. The moment the gate opens, do as he did.

Speak to Arngeir for further training[]

Return to Arngeir for further training.