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The White Phial
Quest Giver
Forsaken Cave
5 Gold.png from Nurelion
500 Gold.png from Quintus
Followed by
Repairing the Phial
Quest Objectives


Nurelion is a dying shopkeeper in Windhelm who has devoted his life to finding a legendary artefact known as "the White Phial". He believes this phial will cure his illness and knows its location but is unable to get it himself due to his condition. He asks the Dragonborn to retrieve it for him and promises a reward. He also gives the Dragonborn a special potion, Nurelion's Mixture, which is necessary to open a secret door in order to retrieve the phial.

Retrieve the White Phial[]

The Dragonborn then travels to the Forsaken Cave to retrieve the phial. The first chamber of the cave is guarded by either Snowy Sabre Cats or Snow Bears or a single Frost troll. Farther in are draugrs and eventually, Curalmil himself, all of which must be defeated before the phial can be retrieved.

Once Curalmil has been defeated, the Dragonborn pours Nurelion's Mixture into the ancient bowl located behind Curalmil's throne which opens a secret door revealing a chamber with the phial.

Bring the Phial to Nurelion[]

Once the Cracked White Phial has been located, the Dragonborn brings it back to Nurelion for the small reward of 5 Gold.png.

Speak to Quintus[]

Speaking with Quintus and mentioning the lousy reward from his master results in an additional 500 Gold.png.