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Tolvald's Cave

Tolvald's Cave

Tolvald's Cave is a cave located north-east of Shor's Stone and south-east of Ansilvund. Just inside the cave entrance are the remains of a hunters' camp with three bed rolls, an Iron Ore Vein and a Silver Ore Vein. Near the former cooking area is a small stool with the Hunter's Journal on it. One may stumble into a few Frost Trolls.

Spread out over all the caves, a huge amount of Glowing Mushrooms (×213) are available for harvest, and many other mushrooms too. Also egg sacs, yielding Chaurus Eggs (×225) are abundant.

Farther in, there are indications that the cave connects to a Dwemer ruin inhabited by Falmer. In a seemingly dead end chamber, that will open up in two directions piece of Gold Ore can be found. There is also an alchemy lab and two tanning racks.


Tolvald's Gap[]

This area contains more Falmer as well as some Chaurus, Skeevers, and Frostbite Spiders. In the chaurus pen, there is a Quicksilver Ore Vein.

Tolvald's Crossing[]

This is where the Dragonborn can find a Moonstone Ore Vein, another tanning rack, two hay piles. The area also contains quite a number of books (×13), most notably, a Faded Diary, a Ruined Trailbook and a Tattered Journal. There are also copies of Battle of Red Mountain and Short History of Morrowind.

In the south-east a new cave will open up during No Stone Unturned containing the Crown of Barenziah. A Dunmer Ghost is standing next to the crown, but does not react to the Dragonborn.


Items of Note[]


  • Dwemer chest ~1630; Falmer chests ~1880, ~420 Gold.png value (L45).
  • Falmer Bow, one of the Flamer will carry a Shaman's Key.