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Shopping List from Quests[]

Quest Required Items Type Faction Giver Location
Arniel's Endeavor 10× Dwemer Cog
Warped Soul Gem
Faction College of Winterhold Arniel Gane Dwarven ruins
The Only Cure Flawless Ruby
Silver Ingot
Deathbell flower
Vampire Dust
Daedric Kesh the Clean Shrine to Peryite
Finn's Lute Finn's Lute Faction Bards College Inge Six Fingers Bards College
Stony Creek Cave
Rjorn's Drum Rjorn's Drum Faction Bards College Giraud Gemane Bards College
Halldir's Cairn
Ice Cold Ice Wraith Teeth Side Marise Aravel Northern Skyrim
Alteration Ritual Spell Kahvozein's Fang Faction College of Winterhold Tolfdir Random dungeon, see list below
Few and Far Between 20× Nirnroot
20× Nightshade
20× Deathbell
Side Ingun Black-Briar Riften
Bring one The Mirror to Aldis The Mirror Misc Captain Aldis Solitude, see list below
Sealing the Deal Flawless Amethyst Side Talen-Jei The Bee and Barb, anywhere the gem might be found
Bring the Last Scabbard of Akrash to Ghorza Last Scabbard of Akrash Misc Ghorza gra-Bagol Markarth, anywhere the book exists
Bring one Mammoth Tusk to Ysolda Mammoth Tusk Misc Ysolda Whiterun
Bring one Night Falls on Sentinel to Rustleif Night Falls on Sentinel Misc Rustleif Dawnstar, anywhere the book exists
Ringmaker Flawless Sapphire
Gold Ore
Mammoth Tusk
Side Madesi Riften
Find 20 Jazbay 20× Jazbay Grapes Misc Avrusa Sarethi Sarethi Farm
Editing Bring one Song of the Alchemists to Lami Song of the Alchemists Misc Lami Morthal, anywhere the book exists
Bring some Frost Salts to Dravynea Frost Salts Side Dravynea the Stoneweaver Kynesgrove
Bring one Amulet of Arkay to Torbjorn Amulet of Arkay Misc Torbjorn Shatter-Shield Windhelm
Bring a Daedra's Heart to Moth Daedra Heart Misc Moth gro-Bagol Understone Keep
Locate Valdr's hunting party Health Potion Side Valdr Moss Mother Cavern
Grin and Bear It 10× Pelts; Bear Pelt, Cave Bear Pelt or Snow Bear Pelt Side Temba Wide-Arm Ivarstead
Stoking the Flames 10× Fire Salts Misc Balimund Riften
Bring one Black-Briar Mead to Siddgeir Black-Briar Mead Misc Siddgeir Falkreath
Dragon Research Dragon Bone
Dragon Scale
Faction Blades Esbern Sky Haven Temple
A New Order Dwemer Gyro Faction Dawnguard Isran Fort Dawnguard, random location see list below
Fetch the Netch Netch Jelly Misc Milore Ienth Raven Rock
Healing a House Taproot Misc Elynea Mothren Tel Mithryn Apothecary,
Headwaters of Harstrad,
Tel Mithryn
Pain in the Necklace 33× East Empire Pendant Misc Fethis Alor Raven Rock
Bring Elmus some Ashfire Mead from Thirsk Mead Hall Ashfire Mead Misc Elmus Bujold's Retreat, Thirsk Mead Hall
The Chief of Thirsk Hall 10× Scathecraw Riekling Chief Thirsk Mead Hall, Bujold's Retreat, Hrothmund's Barrow
Heart Stones Heart Stone Misc Neloth Tel Mithryn, Solstheim
The Kagrumez Gauntlet 2–3× Kagrumez Resonance Gem Misc Kagrumez Kagrumez, Fahlbtharz, Nchardak, Solstheim
Bring Elmus some Juniper Berries Juniper Berries Misc Elmus Thirsk Mead Hall
Bring 10 Stalhrim Ore and 15 Ebony Ingots to Halbarn 10× Stalhrim
15× Ebony Ingot
Misc Halbarn Iron-Fur Thirsk Mead Hall
Bring 50 Riekling Spears to Hilund 50× Riekling Spears Misc Hilund Thirsk Mead Hall

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