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jhfurnish is an oldschool video- and roleplaying gamer; additionally, he is a longtime player of the Elder Scrolls series going back to the release of Daggerfall (ES II) in 1997. He has only missed out on Arena (ES I) and Battlespire. He is currently going nuts on Skyrim (ES V, Xbox 360 platform) and is glad he can finally fight with bows and melee weapons on horseback. He's changed his mind about the Dawnguard DLC and enjoys it heavily. Being able to fletch his own arrows and make dragonbone weapons is just too good.

Much thanks to Game Widow for making me an admin!

To that effect, I'm something of a grammar and punctuation wikinazi because I'm a former english teacher. However, I'm sure other admins, of any wiki, will agree that these things are important in what is supposed to be a professional-quality micropaedia, even if it's all-volunteer.