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I beat Oblivion on both the Xbox 360 and on the PC. On the PC, I enjoyed its massive 3rd-party modification community for years. Only after Skyrim was released did my enjoyment of Oblivion peter out.

Now, I'm playing Skyrim on the Xbox 360, because there, I do most of my gaming and because I don't presently own a PC that will handle Skyrim's PC version. Therefore, I don't have access to the modding community that is already appearing around it. However, I'm extremely hopeful that a serious helping of downloadable content will shortly be available for the Xbox 360 version.

Is there any means by which we can encourage the developers to speed this process, or, hoping against hope, release a version of the content creator (as traditionally available for the PC platform) for the Xbox 360?

Here's hoping that, several months after the release of Skyrim, some in-game downloadable content will shortly be available. I'm jonesing for it already. I've digested virtually all of the game's present content, and knowing the potential of the game I can't imagine that something isn't coming soon.